Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did my insurance carrier make a payment?
A: Under the DESCRIPTION column of your DLS statement will have an insurance remark stating payment. The amount of payment is listed under PAYMENT OR ADJUSTMENT column. You may also refer to your explanation of member benefit report sent to you by your insurance to verify payment.

Q: I’m covered by an insurance plan. Why did I get a bill?
A: You may be responsible for a deductible, co-payment or balance because your plan does not cover 100% of the charges. Please check the explanation of member benefit report from your insurance provider for an explanation of the additional amount that is owed.

Q: Why are my two (2) insurance carriers’s denying my claim?
A: Contact your insurance carriers to resolve dual coverage benefit and primacy.

Q: What is the balance owed on my account?
A: This information is located on your statement in the PAY THIS AMOUNT box. If you believe that you have already paid an account but continue to receive statements please contact one of our Service Representatives at (317) 299-5227.

Q: Can I make payment arrangements?
A: We would be happy to work with you if you are experiencing difficulty in paying your bill. Contact one of our Service Representatives at (317) 299-5227 to make monthly payment arrangements.

Q: I don’t understand my bill. Can anyone help me?
A: One of our Service Representatives would be pleased to explain the detailed charges on your bill. Please call us at (317) 299-5227.

Q: How do I get a refund?
A: If you are aware of a duplicate payment and have not received a refund, please call one of our Service Representatives at (317) 299-5227.

Q: Why does Patients Choice Laboratories always ask for my insurance card?
A: Verification of your insurance information is required so we can continue to provide customers excellent service and accurate processing of your insurance claim.

Q: How do I get my test results?
A: Please contact your ordering physician for your laboratory test results.

Q: I paid at the time of service, why am I getting billed?
A: An additional test may have been ordered by your physician and/or based on your lab results from the original tests ordered. Please call one of our Service Representatives at (317) 299-5227 for further clarification.