Screening Vs Confirmation Testing

Patients Choice Laboratories™ (PCL) in Indianapolis, IN provides confirmatory drug testing with Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS), the gold standard in clinical toxicology drug testing. LC-MS provides highly sensitive and precise testing to confirm positive results from toxicology drug screening with immunoassays or in-clinic dipstick screens. This service helps healthcare professionals provide you, as the patient, unbiased, third party support to ensure you are benefiting as much as possible from your prescribed medications.

Confirmatory drug testing provides additional information to supplement screening results. Screening tests detect drug families, but don’t differentiate between specific drugs. For example, a sample may be positive on a screening test for opiates, but it cannot tell you if the drug present is morphine, hydrocodone, or any other narcotic. Confirmatory testing provides confirmation of positive samples and identifies the specific drug(s) present.

PCL provides quality, accurate confirmatory testing for a number of physicians and other health care professionals, including:



Substance Abuse & Addiction centers
Pain management clinics
Private doctor’s offices and clinics
Mental health clinics
Cardiac clinics
For more information about PCL’s confirmatory testing, please contact a PCL Client Services Representative at (317) 299-5227.


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